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Hosting Services Email Hosting. Microsoft Exchange is a tool to help keep all of your data synced between different devices and centralized for easier management. Exchange also provides an opportunity for you to implement email encryption. Setting up an expensive server costing thousands of dollars may not be an option for your organization. SFC, Inc. can host this platform for you at a low monthly fee.   Virtual Servers and Desktops. Need a new server or desktop or replace an old system. We can have one setup for you in hours. IP PBX Phone Systems. Buying a Voice over IP (VoIP) phone system can be challenging. One critical decision that must be made is to determine which is better for your business: a premises-based solution (in which the hardware appliance is kept on-site in your server closet), or a cloud phone system (where your phones connect through your Internet connection to a provider that maintains the equipment at an off-site cloud data center). We can provide both depending on your needs. Cloud Security Cameras.  We provide the most reliable, responsive, and secure cloud video surveillance solution available. The Internet may go down, but the our Security Camera VMS keeps recording. The onsite Bridge is in constant communication with your cameras. Constantly monitoring their operation. Verifying they have not been tampered with. Analyzing the video for motion. Compressing and de-duplicating the video. Encrypting and securing the video. Cell Phone Boosters for Business and Homes.  



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